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top tips to banish filthy flies from your home

by:Newland     2019-09-11
In Irish summer, warm weather and sunshine may be something to cherish, but the fly that comes with it can hurt the fun.
In addition to annoying, flies can actually pose a danger to your family and are able to carry salmonella, parasites and other dangerous bacteria that can cause vomiting and other diseases.
This summer, in Ireland, the most common fly that drives you crazy is a fly that feeds on food that breaks down food and animal feces.
That\'s why your bin, the dog poop in the garden and the birds in your sewer are the main magnets for a group of unwelcome people.
While every minute a new \"old woman\" to kill flies is hatched, here are some ways to prove more effective.
Clogged ditches and sewers are a huge attraction for flies, as debris from plants and vegetation, as well as bird droppings attract flies that feed on these materials.
Cleaning and removal of ditches will help reduce this problem.
Make sure your trash can is covered safely, and if you have a Huili trash can, make sure they are placed from your window as much as possible, perhaps at the bottom of the garden.
Make sure your kitchen counter is clean and tidy with all the utensils in the cupboard.
Disinfect your surface and remove all the gadgets.
Crumbs on the sofa or next to the appliance should be cleaned up.
Don\'t leave fruit and other foods on your counter as this is a great opportunity for flies to make a living out of these materials and transfer potential dangerous bacteria to food.
This also gives the fly a chance to spawn.
The kitchen is the most dangerous place for flies to thrive because the bacteria they carry pose a threat to our food and digestive health.
Always keep the kitchen door closed and install the flight screen to the window if possible to prevent them from entering first.
Flies are attracted to the light, so make sure that heavy curtains block the light from any open window at night to avoid a room full of creatures.
After clearing your pets regularly, it will help limit the number of flies attracted to animal feces and also provide them with the best place to breed and spawn.
If your pet\'s food has not been eaten, make sure it is covered as well.
Check your cabin and attic to find the old bird\'s nest that can exacerbate the problem.
Flies, especially mid, are usually attracted to water, so be sure to empty any barrels or pools unless they are used.
The stories of some famous old ladies include vinegar, cloves, lavender and basil.
A quirky suggestion is to hang a vodka bag at the door because flies are reported to hate vodka.
However, vodka may have a better use after all the cleaning.
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