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Today's learning difference between the share of ndfeb and samarium cobalt is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Hi, I'm Ricky magnet card small fu, is a love of learning, who love to share, to the Mid-Autumn festival, leisure time, to share today is about ndfeb magnets and samarium cobalt magnet difference is introduced in detail. Similar article search, found that there are many, perhaps other articles is not good, maybe you want to know they are not article introduced to, the following small make up will introduce for you. Ndfeb, remanent magnetism above samarium cobalt, now can be done about 55, samarium cobalt can only to 32. Remanence, suction can be simply interpreted as the saying goes, ndfeb much larger, but the summary of coercive force than samarium cobalt. Coercive force is the ability of resistance to demagnetization. The ndfeb high temperature resistant performance is not very good, at present the highest is 200 degrees. Samarium cobalt, 30 magnetic energy product, ability to 300 degrees, and some special product, reduce the residual magnetism, can achieve 450 degrees. This means that residual magnetism and coercive force ( The suction and the ability of resistance to demagnetization) There is a relationship. You want this, may be about to the sacrifice. Ndfeb corrosion resistance weather resistance is not good. So are generally to do plating and so on carries on the protection, even encapsulate anticorrosion. Common galvanized, nickel plated, epoxy, and so on. Even so, as was the samarium cobalt. Ndfeb, samarium cobalt both hard brittle materials, therefore unable to ordinary cutting. General processing method is thread cutting and diamond cutting blade. So the shape of the products have limit, can't do is very complex. Relatively speaking, samarium cobalt, resulting in more brittle bones. It is easy to collapse, don't knock against. So samarium cobalt using assembly should be very careful. Both on the price, the price of the previous samarium cobalt than ndfeb double or more. This years national limit mining, ndfeb price is high. Ordinary performance, ndfeb cheaper than of samarium cobalt. Don't know so you introduce qing is not clear, such as have not clear please contact CARDS Ricky. Relevant article welcome: rare earth permanent magnet materials of sintered ndfeb, samarium cobalt characteristic analysis of learning to share today ndfeb and samarium cobalt distinction in detail by Ricky magnet card manufacturer xiaofu share, welcome the collection keep continue to focus on this site.
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