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To understand how the commonly used magnetic chuck application

by:Newland     2020-04-18
Magnetic chuck is a very commonly used magnetic chuck, depend on its suction is large, the advantages of high efficiency by using the trust. Once present problems cause can't use, will give our work form the immeasurable effect, for example in the work time will show some similar to emergency without magnetic force can't work normally, this is what reason cause? May be a short circuit. Cohesion of the central electric control box and electro-magnetic chuck due to frequent use present serious phenomenon will compare some wear and tear, and the middle is the center of the whole circular magnetic chuck match easily damaged once damaged, will make a short circuit chuck lost suction. Coil problem. Present situation without suction is the first thing to do is stop in the middle of the problems of chuck easily render check, questions about the coil is ever present break or loose wires and power supply and plug have, these small problems will incur no suction circular electro-magnetic chuck. Want to know the magnetic chuck can have enough suction is after the continuity principle of the magnetic field and the superposition principle to complete, understand the principle and then to deal with the present problem is very simple and clear. Previous page: show you the magnet the development course of the next page: about powerful magnet magnetic problem is introduced
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