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Tile shape what are the advantages of ndfeb magnets used on the motor?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Tile shape what are the advantages of ndfeb magnets used on the motor? In the most current motor manufacturers 'magnetic king' ndfeb magnets used on the motor and motor. In produce ndfeb magnet motor magnets of permanent magnet motor, small size, light weight, torque - Inertia ratio is high, the servo system has high response, high power/weight ratio and rate, high starting torque, saves the electricity. A few motor manufacturers also use samarium cobalt magnet and permanent magnetic ferrite magnet motor. The shape of the magnet motor magnets and motor is mostly tile type, circle or trapezoid, can be used for different motor motor, such as: permanent magnet motor, ac motor, dc motor, linear motor, brushless motor and so on. People often use magnetic attraction and repulsion to drive, generally choose the magnetization of the radial symmetry to Mosaic tile type magnet ring, sintered ndfeb magnet is anisotropic material, not a molding to make customers want a little more complex direction of magnetization. At present, the magnet manufacturer also can be sintered ndfeb magnet magnetization, radiation type but have restrictions on size grades, and magnetic can unstable, consistency is not good, and the mold coil and magnetizing fixture were expensive, so very few manufacturer will choose it. Both domestic and abroad, the demand of motor motor magnets are very large, the magnet is its core components. In micro motor, small and medium-sized and large generator, a lot of ndfeb permanent magnet materials. Ndfeb permanent magnet motor without excitation spool and the core, to achieve the same air-gap magnetic field, ndfeb magnet the original magnetic pole position of small volume, no heat loss. Therefore, in order to get the same output characteristic, the volume of the whole machine, can reduce weight a lot; Or the same volume, weight, output power can be increased a lot. Bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring about shenzhen star magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main two large, 1, industrial supplies: sintered ndfeb, adhesive ndfeb and magnetic components, 2, is a civilian products: gun magnetic, rubber magnetic, fishing hooks, rotating hook, square peg magnetic hook, etc. The alibaba international station and domestic station has shops, domestic station store address: 1688 abmmagnetics. 1688. com; Welcome new and old customers to browse information, to find suitable your products, because of magnetic material specification is more, have any questions can contact customer service or contact the following business card information, thank you again!
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