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Tile shape of ndfeb magnet use and classification are introduced

by:Newland     2020-05-04
What is the tile shape ndfeb magnet? Tile shape ndfeb magnet, also called magnets, magnetic tile, etc. Shape is the same as before building a house with the kind of tile. The following image tile shape is the main purpose of ndfeb magnet? Magnetic tile mainly used in the permanent magnet dc motor, and through the excitation coil electromagnetic motor produce different magnetic potential source, permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material produce constant magnetic potential source. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has many advantages, can make the motor has simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable, small volume, light weight, less use amount of copper, copper low consumption, low energy consumption, etc. Motor magnetic tile 'exchange coupling effect in ferromagnetics' there is a strong between adjacent electronic 'exchange coupling effect, in the case of no external magnetic field, they can spin magnetic moment in a tiny area' spontaneously 'spontaneous magnetization lined up together to form a small area, known as magnetic tile. Without magnetization ferromagnetics, although there are certain each magnetic tile internal spontaneous magnetization direction, there is a lot of magnetic, but a lot of different magnetization direction of the magnetic tile and the ferromagnetic mass do not show. When electric ferromagnetics in external magnetic field, the spontaneous magnetization direction and Angle of the external magnetic field direction into small magnetic tile as with the increase of the magnetic field and to expand its volume, and further make the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile to external magnetic field direction. Tile shape classification of ndfeb magnets, ferrite tile is given priority to with sintered ferrite, ndfeb tile shape divided into two categories, sintering and bond 1, sintered ferrite magnetic tile production process is mainly divided into wet working pressure of the opposite sex, pressure gay, pressure of the opposite sex, is the difference between the straight and gay, is whether the press molding has a magnetic field orientation. Here introduces wet wet compression process is: the pressure of the opposite sex process raw materials - — Presintering - — Coarse grinding, A ball mill) — — Ingredients - — The second ball mill ( Wet milling) — — Magnetic field shape - — Sintering - — Grinding - — Clean - — The magnetization. For forming slurry contains water, than dry pressing molding particles in magnetic field easy to the opposite sex can obtain higher orientation degree, its performance is also higher. Ndfeb magnet block 2, tile: ingredients - — Smelting - — Broken - — Flour - — Magnetic field shape - — Isostatic pressing - — Vacuum sintering and temper - — Such as wire cutting processing - — Electroplating - — The magnetization guess you will focus on: tile form will ndfeb magnet magnetic field uneven? It is understood that tile shape ndfeb magnet axial magnetic field is part of the uniform, radial couple value is high. By reference.
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