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Tile shape magnet ( Magnetic tile) introduce

by:Newland     2020-03-18
About the magnet, the website is to introduce more in ndfeb strong magnet, and shaped magnets, magnet for tile shape ( Magnetic tile) The introduction of relatively less, today small make up will be dedicated to tile magnet. On tile shape magnet, with more main ndfeb magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, bonded ndfeb magnetic tile, tile shape and magnets, ferrite tile shape basic it is used in motor ( The diagram below) 。 Below for tile magnet applications, USES a wide range? How big can you magnet ndfeb tile do? Small make up a few days ago to meet a customer, he want to use the ndfeb magnetic tile is used in mine equipment, specification is quite large, the outer R has hundreds, so big of the specifications, we also can do, if you are too big, may also need to open mold. Customers in choosing tile shape ( Magnetic tile) Diameter magnets, in addition to size: R, R inside diameter, length L, H is high, A point of view, also need to provide the plating, the magnetization direction and tolerance information. In general, zinc plating, nickel plating, the most common general with radial magnetizing direction is, by inside and outside or outside to the inside, can also be axial magnetization. If you need to be customized magnet, welcome to contact us. If you have special requirements, Table, chamfering, punching, concentricity) Magnetic tile, please provide drawings. More tile magnet articles collection: motor magnetic tile directly influences the performance of the work efficiency of sticky about dc motor magnetic tile glue varieties used together how to choose a good tile magnet manufacturer?
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