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Tile shape curved magnet ( The magnetization) image application advantages Introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Tile shape curved magnet ( The magnetization) image application advantages Introduction to life in a lot of people see the magnets are round, circle, or are square, not regular will be less, actually magnets and many nature of the product is the same, also can come in many shapes, including arc, elliptic, concave and convex shape, trapezoidal, etc. , told everyone today is arc magnets, arc magnets have what advantage? Arc magnet images arc magnet is mainly used in where? What are the advantages? Arc magnets are mainly applied in motor ( Motor) In the majority, main advantage lies in its shape characteristics, between the magnets and the stator magnetic gap is smaller. Torque, stability will be better. Arc magnet magnetization, I think certainly is also a lot of people want to know, that for those who want to purchase or is engaged in the magnet is a little help, is the manner in which the radial magnetizing arc a magnet, of course, in addition to the radial magnetization magnetization way below this as well, you can see below. Arc magnets can be according to our drawing or sample? Magnetic steel is can be customized according to your request, this is completely no problem, the specific price can contact our website online customer service. Arc magnets for ferrite materials, can also be for ndfeb material. Arc of the ferrite material sintering specific production process is: raw material - Ball mill - Molding - Sintering - Water - Packaging - Final inspection. Arc ndfeb sintering and adhesive can be divided into two ways, tell us about the production process of sintered ndfeb in detail: the raw material - Ingredients - Smelting - Flour - Pressed - Sintering and aging - Testing - Mechanical processing - Plating - Final test - The packing. Because ndfeb has the characteristics of easy corrosion, so need to electroplating. Specific look at purchaser's purposes. Along with the performance requirements of the magnet. Ndfeb has been hailed as a strong magnet. So, if the magnet magnetic requirements under the condition of relatively high, can use the curved ndfeb magnet. Arc magnet when the choose and buy, basically see the magnet performance can meet your requirements, also look at the shape of the magnet, is there a touch damage of disability. Magnet for arc introduced here today, if you are looking for magnets still have what not understand of place, can log in ndfeb magnet manufacturers website there are a lot of knowledge about the magnet and consulting.
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