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these revolutionary shorts include a waterproof pocket which seals with magnets

by:Newland     2019-09-22
This pair of shorts contains a fully waterproof pocket, sealed with a magnet-which means you can carry valuables with you while swimming.
Aquanautia shorts by 23-year-
Old Rishi Thornhill-he was so passionate about the product that he suspended his degree and asked them to produce it. googletag. {});
You will find that he puts his mobile phone in his pocket and jumps into the swimming pool, lake and sea to prove that his invention works. (}(
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Aquanautia released the shorts on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, using what it calls the world\'s strongest nd magnet to seal the pocket, not the zipper.
As the water pressure around the pocket increases, the magnetic seal becomes stronger.
Thornill works exclusively with Isreali\'s gothenhermetic to use their flexible magnets in clothing.
He is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the £ 10,000 needed to be put into production.
Thornhill, who had the idea of the shorts five years ago during his gap year, struggled to keep his valuables safe while traveling alone.
Twice, when he had to leave the item on the beach, his item was stolen. (
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After his trip, he received an international business degree at the University of Nottingham, but has been thinking about his ideas.
\"I think there is a lot of demand,\" he told the Press Association . \".
The idea gained momentum when he studied part of the course in Australia.
Friends there can see the potential of shorts in a variety of sports-from kayaking to surfing-and he decides to investigate what is possible. (}(
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You want to be the first one to get our waterproof pocket shorts and sign up. . . Aquanautia.
Aquanautia posted an article on Thursday, January 11, 2018, initially considering the use of a waterproof zipper but not satisfied with the seal.
Just then, he found the magnet from gothenhermetic.
After talking to the CEO of the company via Skype from Australia, he used his savings to pay a ticket to Israel and signed the agreement more than a week later.
\"It\'s the best decision I \'ve ever made,\" says Thornhill, who lives in London now . \".
\"I am very lucky.
I think what they like is my passion.
He said it was a \"difficult decision\" to suspend his degree, but it was necessary.
\"My parents don\'t think it\'s a good idea, but it won\'t happen unless I\'m fully committed to what I think. ”googletag. {});
Since then, he has completed a fashion master class at the Portobello business center to learn more about the industry. (
This shorts will be made in London and will be eco-friendly in packaging
Friendly, too.
They are made of materials made from recycled plastic bottles.
Thornhill says it uses a drain nano-technology, which means that shorts will dry immediately if they splash water, and dry six times faster after they are completely submerged than traditional fabric shorts.
Learn more on the Aquanautia website and see it when Kickstarter is released.
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