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There are many things in the nature why these items will not take magnetic?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Some people will ask why there are many things in the nature of these items will not magnetic? Today we are under the magnet factory leads you to understand the knowledge of iron, nickel, cobalt in the magnetic material is different, it is the internal structure of the electron can sort in spontaneity in the same direction, and boosting the magnetic of the magnet. Magnet to absorb iron process for iron appeal, make the magnets and iron 'stick' together, we will say the phenomenon magnet has a magnetic, that is to say the magnet can absorb iron instead of aluminum, copper objects, because the internal structure of different metal materials are not the same. Magnetic induction intensity unit is tesla, referred to as ', T) 。 Magnet is divided into a permanent magnet and the permanent magnet, permanent magnet is can not easy to keep magnetic field loss of natural products, such as magnetite. Without permanent magnet needs some necessary condition can show the magnetic, such as the electromagnet. We know the magnet at ordinary times is the one with each other and attracted to each other. Magnet is made of iron, nickel, cobalt, itself has the magnetic spacing, the internal structure according to the same direction, one end of the arctic, N pole) At one end (at the South Pole S very) 。 A: on the ndfeb strong magnet a unit price is how much? Next article: magnets are made?
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