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The world's largest bonded ndfeb magnets manufacturer Pi are settled in chengdu

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Shall be the biggest manufacturer of bonded ndfeb, when the Milky Way magnets. The company in the first half of 2018 revenue. 2. 7. 9 billion yuan, rose 22. 54%, accounting for more than 92 in revenue. 17%. Is expected in the second half of the business will continue to grow, this year, chengdu Pi all district, has introduced the galaxy magnet new energy projects, such as research and development of rare earth materials production base for further Pi area green economic development power. Szechwan the construction investment of 300 million yuan is expected to Chengdu Galaxy Magnets Co. , ltd. board secretary Zhu Kuiwen said the company will be in Pi area of the new economy industrial park covers an area of 50 mu, a total investment of 300 million yuan, the construction of bonded ndfeb Magnets, hot-pressing ndfeb Magnets, samarium cobalt magnet rare earth materials, such as research and development production base. This project will stage construction, built three to five years is expected, after all put into production, annual output value will reach more than 1 billion yuan, the profit for the year 2 to 300 million yuan, tax delivery 1 to 200 million yuan. 'When it comes to the future, Zhu Kuiwen with confidence. Application of bonded ndfeb magnet market mainly include automobile motor, hard disk drive spindle motor, cd-rom drives, spindle motor, stepping motor and all kinds of permanent magnet brushless dc motor rotor component and other components, products widely used in automobiles, information technology, consumer electronics, energy-efficient appliances, office automation and factory automation equipment, and other fields. If you have bonded ndfeb magnets requirements, also can contact us. Articles belonging to the magnet industry news, to learn more about the magnet new information: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news
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