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The whole process of sintered ndfeb production

by:Newland     2020-04-13
What is the ndfeb permanent magnet production process? Ndfeb magnet processing operations have? Magnet manufacturer Ricky small make up for your card, see flow chart of ndfeb magnet. It can be seen from the raw material to the finished product, and ultimately to go 11 steps, and, in fact, the magnet production details and 11 more than the production process, we can from a blank material, because most of the magnet manufacturer are directly buy magnets blank, and then carry on the processing production, first of all, the material to buy back, need to be polished, why, because buy back the blank material surface is very rough, rough, grind only need viscose, rayon link is very important, need hair embryo to stick the magnet asbestos board, asbestos board and then glued to a fixture, glue, then put the fixture to microtome, adjust good, you can begin to cut again. Usually a square magnet are at least three cutting knife, that is need to stick is three times, and every time after cutting it also need to use water, can the purpose is to boil off the glue, convenient size again. Cut a square magnet after chamfering is needed, because the water chestnut cut the magnet so are very sharp, unfavorable to electroplating is unfavorable to the product the use of safe, when plating, magnetization, for product testing, packaging, shipment. So, a small magnet, looks very simple, its production process is very troublesome, some customer orders came to the goods, it is not reasonable, according to our magnet processing technology, a product is the fastest also need three days to do well, but also need to any cost, ignore all the conditions to achieve the delivery, the magnet looks be like simple, the production, processing is more complex. Relevant article recommended reading: commonly used three kinds of ndfeb magnet production technology is introduced
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