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The use of the powerful magnet method and the matters needing attention

by:Newland     2020-04-08
We as a magnet factory need to analyze enterprise customers in the purchase of ndfeb strong magnet after use, because is the way of proper use can improve productivity and reduce scrap rate. Due to the strong magnetic ndfeb strong magnet and high cost performance, more and more different industries begin to use magnetic force to solve some of enterprise product structure and function. Due to strong magnetic ndfeb strong magnet, then in separate magnet, how to do can be more easy and convenient? First of all, can not use hand quite hard to break, to adopt the way of horizontal pushing translation, to do so it is easier to make separate magnet. So when apart ndfeb strong magnet for translational magnets with force. Abnormity powerful magnets due to strong magnetic, and material is relatively brittle, if suddenly collide when used together, then the magnet will be very easy to broken. This due to the particularity of the material, so the product quality problem, we should prevent the strong magnet in using strong magnets sudden crash into each other. A: strong magnet price next article: square powerful magnets point to success is what
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