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The use of profiled magnets in sucker principle

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Realization of special-shaped magnet poles on the magnetic field strength additive or destructive, so as to achieve the purpose of holding and unloading; Is a machinery factory, mold factory, forging plant, steel mills, shipyards, and so on use steel place for handling tools, can greatly improve the block, cylindrical, plank, irregular guide magnetic steel material handling efficiency. Permanent magnetic chuck is a high performance ndfeb rare earth materials as the kernel, by hand pull (chuck rotates, so change the internal ndfeb magnetic sucker system, achieve to carry artifacts holding or release. Demanders of ndfeb magnet surface treatment requirement is different, also make the ndfeb magnet corrosion resistance, surface smooth and beautiful, light can be electroplated nickel, zinc, gold, chromium, epoxy resin, etc. Caused by different kind of plating, corrosion degree is different, the market of the alien magnets plating nickel salt fog test within 24 hours, the 24 small epoxy resin. In the absence of additional magnetic field, magnetic domain within because of electronic exchange effect between adjacent atoms or other interactions. Make their magnetic moment after overcoming the influence of thermal motion, powerful magnets in a state of orderly arrangement in the partially offset, so that there is a close magnetic moment [ 1] The phenomenon. When applied external magnetic field, the magnetization intensity with the change of the external magnetic field and ferromagnetic material. Ferrimagnetic with antiferromagnetic has the same physical nature, is antiparallel spin magnetic moment of ferrous magnet size, thus partially offset not spontaneous magnetic moment, similar to the ferromagnet. Ferrite is mostly ferrous magnets.
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