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The use of magnets in automobile generator and advantages are introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Find motor magnetic steel manufacturers, Ricky is your card safe &conve-nient magnet supplier, we have rich experience in production magnet and a large number of mold let heart at ease, cost savings. In magnetic tile is packing automobile generator magnetic steel retaining structure, magnetic steel block slice is slotted, one end is equipped with card clasp, magnetic steel block installed on the outside surfaces of the magnet steel, claw pole is divided into the upper claw, claw pole, magnetic steel block slice, magnetic steel is installed on the claw pole claw, claw pole between two claws, and through the card buckle card in claw claw side has fixed the locating slot connection. Automobile generator magnetic steel retaining structure has the advantage of, when the magnets and magnetic steel block after assembling the whole insert is installed in the locating slot, during the installation process card buckle neither because its overhanging structure affects the installation of magnetic steel, magnetic steel can be accurate positioning; Magnetic steel installation of solid degree is high, it will not fall off, makes the generator service life is long, high power generation efficiency. Motor vehicle field performance ndfeb magnet steel tile shape commonly used reference: new energy automobile motor: 38 sh, 35 uh, uh, 35 eh, eh, eh, power steering wheel motor ( 每股收益) : 45 h, 48 h, 38 sh, sh 40, 42 sh, 48 sh, oil pump motor: 35 uh uh, uh 35 electrical active suspension systems: 42 sh start motor: 38 uh sunroof motor: 35 m, 38 h article starting on March 11, 2016, modified in September 2019, modify reason: rich content, add information, product. Related generator magnet products; Hand generator multi-polar magnetic ring related auto motor magnetic steel articles information; Automobile fuel gauge magnetic steel is introduced, the fuel gauge magnetic steel part specifications on film automobile ABS wheel sensor magnet steel ( This Mosaic)
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