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the us consumer product safety commission a global leader in consumer product safety.

by:Newland     2019-10-02
In her 2014 Colston Wame speech, Inez M.
Tenenbaum, chairman of the consumer goods safety committee (2009-2013)
Reflecting the achievements of the organization under her leadership, and discussing the work that remains to be done by the committee.
Good Morning, everyone.
It is a pleasure to attend the annual meeting of the US Consumer Interests Committee.
I will always thank President Obama for nominating me as the head of the US Consumer Safety Committee (CPSC)in 2009.
Four and one-
Half a year of my presidency was the most transformative year in the Commission\'s history.
During this period, CPSC became a global leader in consumer product safety, and my team and I made CPSC a very different institution than when I joined itin 2009.
Today, CPSC is stronger, more active and more conducive to the protection of consumers, especially children.
Let me give a few examples of the many proactive initiatives CPSC has taken over the last five years: * A new five has been developed
Proposing an annual strategic plan for the 21 st century mission and vision for the CPSC to make the agency more proactive, more focused on injury prevention, and to promote the agency as a leader in the global consumer product safety field;
* 175 increase in staff--
It is now an organization with more than 500 employees;
Implementation of the landmark Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
Minimum allowable lead limits for children\'s products are set, mandatory federal toy standards are set, and new rules on infants are set
Durable equipment.
The United States now has arguably the safest and most powerful baby crib standard in the world.
* According to CPSIA, more than 50 congressional mandated rulemaking activities have been developed over four years, a record that I don\'t think the agency will exceed.
* Published a publicly searchable database on consumer products-saferproducts. gov--
This allows consumers, government officials and others to share their experience with consumer goods. Saferproducts.
Gov receives more than 200 visits per month and has over incident reports for consumer review.
* A new national product testing and evaluation center has been opened in Rockville, Maryland, which allows CPSC to test consumer goods in the stateof-
Art facilities.
* Opened the first foreign CPSC office in Beijing, and our staff worked with the Chinese government, domestic and foreign manufacturers and other US government agencies to ensure safer products entered the United States.
* Working with the US Customs and Border Protection agency to develop the aRisk assessment methodology (RAM)
The pilot will be conducted in US ports in 2016.
: Education, global outreach offices and small business monitors have been created to provide educational resources for regulated communities and to establish international partnerships for consumer safety.
People who have been paying attention to CPSC for many years will think that my years as president of CPSC are transformative years.
In the 40 years since the inception of the CPSC, so many positive changes have never been achieved during a presidency.
I am proud of my record at CPSC, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
Port monitoring is an area that has been greatly improved during my tenure, but more needs to be done to implement a comprehensive port monitoring plan.
As mentioned earlier, when Congress passed the Consumer Goods Safety Improvement Act of 2008, it directed CPSC to create a pilot risk assessment methodology (RAM)
Identify imported products that are most likely to not meet the requirements.
The RAM target system integrates data from the cpsc internal system with data collected by the Customs and Border Protection agency, which is running.
The RAM pilot has been running successfully for several months and its goal is high
Risk products, repeat crime and early detection.
Existing pilot
Scale program analyzes a small part of the entrance within the jurisdiction of the CPSC, while the complete
Scale program will have the ability to analyze 100% of inbound lines within the jurisdiction of cpsc.
It also enhances the ability of the laboratory to use for sample analysis and supports software acquisition of the RAMsurveillance system.
RAM uses three elements to assess the risk of goods entering the United States: * History of importers-
Former criminal * New importer--
Company No record * product risk--
Whether the product has a history of violating standards or rules, being counterfeit or having major product hazards.
CPSC currently has 21 people working on selected ports-
There are more than 300 ports of entry in the United States.
CPSC can\'t compete fairly with just 21 people, screening $700 billion worth of consumer goods into our ports every year.
The cp \'spresence on the port is just one-
Of the 1% ofFDA inspectors located in ports across the country, half of them, our number is equal to that of the FDA.
The CPSC needs more resources for more checks.
I believe that American families want the consumer safety board to proactively exclude hazardous products and that compliant trade wants a level playing field with unqualified suppliers.
This means that there are a lot more consumer goods inspected at the port than we are now.
To support these efforts, the CPSC asked Congress to approve import monitoring usage fees in the process of funding for fiscal 2015.
User fees will be fully supported by CPSC\'s import monitoring program, starting from 2016, including monitoring system technology, scientific equipment, personnel and related support costs.
Another new area of development for CPSC is law enforcement.
When I became president of CPSC, I said I would be a firm but fair law enforcement officer.
I think it is the responsibility of CPSC to help the industry understand the rules implemented by CPSC, which is why I created the office of education, global outreach and small business ombudsman.
CPSC and first-
Correct the time violators by issuing a letter of recommendation so that the company can correct their mistakes and will not sell the products of the violators.
However, during my tenure, CPSC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, filed a criminal lawsuit against the president of an import company that was sentenced to 22 months in federal prison for importing children\'s products, including toys containing lead, small parts and counterfeit US regulations.
Although CPSC does not often seek criminal sanctions, the message in this case is that those who deliberately and repeatedly violate CPSC regulations may face significant consequences.
Congress has also raised civil penalties for those who violate the standard to $100 per offence, up to $000,000.
People who \"deliberately\" violate the law will be subject to civil penalties.
According to Article 15 of CPSIA, manufacturers, importers, distributors or retailers must report to cpsc immediately ---Within 24 hours-
When it is known that its products: * do not comply with the rules, regulations, standards or prohibitions of any regulations enforced by the CPSC;
* Contains defects that may cause significant harm to consumers;
Or * unreasonable risk of causing serious injury or death.
Several companies paid huge fines in 2012.
2013 failure to report product defects to CPSC in a timely manner. One company--RossStores--paid a $3.
More than 9 million reports of failure and a fine for the sale of children\'s coats that do not meet ASTM International Standard 1 and contain lanyard, which poses a risk of suffocation.
Of the three settlement agreements recently negotiated-
With Kolcraft, Williams Sonoma, Rose--
The two sides agreed to impose a major fine and implement an internal compliance plan.
The settlement agreement contains the following compliance project notes: * strengthening existing compliance projects with writing standards and policies; * a whistle-
Hair dryer mechanism for confidential employee compliance reports-
Related questions or concerns;
* Provide appropriate communication programs to all employees through training programs;
* Senior management oversight of company compliance; * five-
Year record retention requirements.
There are many other ongoing projects that can be carried out by the CPSC.
These projects include: * strong development, forhigh-child safety standards-
Electric Magnet Group;
* Develop technology for portable gas generators to give consumers more time to escape carbon monoxide poisoning incidents;
* Improved security for off-
Road leisure vehicles;
* Set mandatory flammable standards for furniture decoration.
Once the new chairman of the CPSC, Elliot Kayi, is nominated, he will face the challenges of implementing these projects and others.
I am pleased that President Obama has nominated Elliot Kaye for this role.
Elliott worked in my private office as a senior legal adviser, became the deputy chief of staff, and later became the chief of staff.
On November, when I left the agency and closed the office, Elliot becamey, executive director of CPSC
I warmly support Elliott\'s nomination for president because he has the wisdom, temperament and interpersonal skills to succeed.
Elliott has the ability to bring together industry, consumer advocates and regulators to solve their problems before consumer products make headlines or go viral on the Internet.
Using the bully pulpit in the chair\'s office, Elliott has successfully produced football helmets, button batteries and gun locks and gun safes to make them safer.
He did so by using what I call a new paradigm of cooperation with a voluntary, agreed standard organization (such as ASTM International, before the industry becomes the subject of congressional hearings, mandatory rulemaking, or media buzz
I think you will continue to see this thoughtful leadership of Elliott, and I am sure he will challenge his colleagues to be more proactive in addressing product risks through this new model of working with the industry.
I am very happy to be with you this morning and thank you very much for inviting me as the keynote speaker for this important meeting. DOI: 10. 1111/joca.
12045 * invite articles. Inez M. Tenenbaum(inez.
Ternan Baum @ nelsonmuIlins. com)
It\'s a partner at Nelson, Mullin, Riley and ska LLC. (1. )
ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Is a globally recognized leader in the formulation and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards (
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