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The United States: China 'trump card' weapons instead of rare earth minerals it - —

by:Newland     2020-04-08
On June 10, according to news net news overseas news media attention to rare earth mineral issues recently, some analysts say, nothing but rare earth metals in China, there is also a 'trump card' of the most lethal weapons, is the rare earth products production and processing of rare earth magnet. In the United States, there are nearly two thirds of the rare earth magnets supplier from China. Us group think that the defense of other manufacturing industries find ready-made effective way to get rid of the dependence of China's rare earth supply. June 6, according to China's Taiwan major heng network news reports, rare earth mineral magnet is constituted by the rare earth elements alloy powerful permanent magnets, in mainland China production accounted for more than 90% of the world. Among them, the most commonly used ndfeb magnets are widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, motor vehicles and jewelry clasp, etc. , sometimes more than rare earth metal itself has a market value. In addition, rare earth ndfeb magnet is also considered essential to many military weapons equipment. News reports, us group metal materials analyst oliver nugent said in a report that if the ban and expand to rare earth metal production and processing products, particularly strong magnet and electric motor, or prohibited from third countries of transhipment, will cause serious impact. Last year's report also said that the mainland China export total amount up to $1. 7 billion (strong magnet For a $1 $6. Nine yuan) Total amount of import of about 3, among them, the United States. There are 2 $9. 5 billion. $5. 7 billion from mainland China. In addition, the magnet factory outside of mainland China were mostly in Japan and Germany, but the two countries of the rare earth mineral also rely on Chinese imports. U. S. analysts, although China has rare earths, but its production and processing of rare earth metal still close ties with China. Every 50000 tonnes of rare earth minerals outside China, and China all associated with only about 8600 tons, according to certain rare earth elements, the proportion and smaller. These analysts, for example, as used for manufacturing magnet heavy rare earth elements dysprosium, outside of China at the present stage there are no separation of large scale production. The previous: magnet manufacturer of magnetic technology next: the making craft of ndfeb strong magnet
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