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The tip of the rare earth permanent magnet in national defense applications

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Tank armor added rare earth elements, more solid; Configuration of night-vision goggles, because of rare earth elements 2 enhanced night march operational capability, these applications, only rare earth and its general application in respect of weapons, citing domestic rare earth permanent magnet research reports, the tip of the rare earth permanent magnet in national defense applications mainly as the following. Precision-guided weapons and weapons platform inertial navigation/guidance system of permanent magnet material is mainly used for inertial navigation system of gyroscope and accelerometer, torque motor core of inertial measuring element, such as the range and precision of the measuring element is largely decided by the performance and stability of the permanent magnetic material. The world's advanced combat aircraft, submarines, long-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles Hang and most use inertial Hang guide precision-guided bombs and other weapons. Inertial Hang guide system is to use in the inertial measurement unit measurement vector, including aircraft, ship, missile motion parameters (speed, acceleration, angular displacement, angular velocity, etc. ) Actual location of the carrier, and the computer on the basis of shipment. Boats can check according to the data of electric power system, the DDG - in the United States 51 destroyer of advanced hybrid electric drive system using two tons ndfeb magnets, Germany U212 and U214 quiet submarine permanent magnet propulsion motor using a ton of samarium drill. Electric drive ( Push) Marine power system has low emissions, Waste gas and oil) ; Reducing noise and vibration; Can have the advantages of light weight and small volume, has important application value. Radar, microwave communications, electronic station system of rare earth permanent magnet material is mainly used in traveling wave tube, magnetron, klystron and other devices. Pulse TWT for fixed and mobile radar, airborne fire control radar and electronic countermeasures equipment, etc. ; Small TWT small volume, light weight, suitable for use big occasions, such as the phased array radar; Space traveling wave tube is a special type tube space applications, is characterized by high reliability, long life and high efficiency. Pulsed magnetron is widely used in guidance, fire control, is high, the airborne, carrier, meteorological measurement etc. Various kinds of radar; Continuous wave magnetron is mainly used in electronic countermeasures. Permanent magnetic material used in traveling wave tube electronic focusing system to produce uniform magnetic field or periodic magnetic field; Magnetron is a kind of vacuum electronic devices (used to produce the microwave energy, rare earth permanent magnet materials for magnetron provide strong constant magnetic field; High-performance permanent magnet materials has obviously improved the performance and stability of the device, device to realize miniaturization. Satellites, spacecraft attitude control and orbit control system of rare earth permanent magnet material is mainly used for all kinds of locking valves, generated by permanent magnet magnetic locking in a certain location, near the ground control pulse magnetic field change the locking position, is mainly used to control the supply of the propellant of space vehicle, and the attitude control and orbit control. Permanent magnetic latching valve has such outstanding advantages as light weight, high reliability, save fuel, is manned space flight, space exploration, and micro power propulsion system of key devices of all kinds of satellite. Space probe with ion propulsion system for space exploration, ion propulsion has high specific impulse, can repeat start-up, light quality, small volume, less consumption and the characteristics of long service life, therefore attaches great importance to by all the space powers. According to the calculation, a 2000 kg satellite, if adopts the ion thrusters will it from orbit 350 km to 500 km, and five years of track keeping, only working medium is 25 kg. Ion thruster, also called an ion engine, one of the electric propulsion technology for space, its characteristic is small, high specific impulse, thrust is widely used in space, such as the spacecraft attitude control, station keeping, orbital maneuver and interstellar flight, etc. In ion thruster, rare earth permanent magnet axial magnetic field generated in the ionization chamber, xenon ion in under the action of high voltage electrostatic field acceleration, generate thrust forward push a spacecraft. The launch of the space probe in October 1998 'deep space - No. 1 'first realized mainly ion propulsion system. Hughes also on Pan Am a commercial communications satellites for the first time using this technique. France is developing steady state plasma thruster, esa prepare application of xenon ion thruster. Esa to shoot the moon probe is one of the purpose of SMART - 1 to verify how to use ion propulsion technology to probe into the orbit around mercury in the future. Russia's steady state has been applied plasma thruster. Japan's arcjet thruster has been tested in the free space on the aircraft through orbit. Advanced aircraft engine with more electricity electric engine is more on the traditional aviation gas turbine engine, use the active magnetic bearing system instead of the traditional mechanical bearing system, using installed on the spindle of the high power built-in integrated starter/generator power required for aircraft, all-electric drive attachment to replace hydraulic mechanical transmission accessories, engine and aircraft all-electric drive. At the same time, the engine control system into distributed control system, engine fuel pump and actuators to the electric drive, too. High temperature as the core parts of the magnet is a new electric motor more is a high power built-in integral starter/engine, active magnetic bearing system, the key materials such as electric actuator. Permanent magnet products in a variety of high-end equipment, the application of key components of the rare earth permanent magnet materials to weapons of high-tech applications, such as high rail early-warning satellite high-pressure self-locking valve, remote control mine clearance of minesweeper, acoustic weapons acoustic generator, all kinds of weapons detonating system, aircraft electric drive system, and so on. The above is all there is about today, reprinted in industry introduction, Ricky magnet xiaofu finishing editing by card. The recent rare earth permanent magnet; Again witnessed significant role of rare earth permanent magnet motor heavy rare earth rare earth permanent magnet usage fell fifty percent in September, 2019, China's rare earth permanent magnet products export data
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