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The temperature of the powerful magnets to bear? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
The development of a powerful magnet, after the baptism of half a century, in both the production technology and production mode or extraction of rare earth products has made a revolutionary breakthrough. But, with the popularity of ndfeb strong magnet application, some criminals begin to fraudulent concealment means of unfair competition, as you all know, there are many performance ndfeb strong magnet brand, that is to say there are many kinds of different materials, ndfeb magnet, of course, different material price also is not the same. At this stage, the market, the quality of the material has been adulterated, the so-called lower material, such as N30, N28 recycle material, the material of magnetic impurities and very unstable, many businessmen in such a cheap materials from the finest materials, vicious competition in terms of price, the market price as a direct result of ndfeb magnet, eventually soul bad men, customer complaints, product problems, finally got the infamous reparations to compensate goods. The highest heat resistance can only ndfeb strong magnet to 180 degrees, of course, there are special materials can be heat resistance to 200 degrees. But from the point of the market, need to 200 degrees of heat-resistant materials generally use samarium cobalt magnet, samarium cobalt magnet the highest heat resistance can reach 350 degrees. Ordinary powerful magnets from the lowest material, normal, in ndfeb magnets inside the material is the lowest, that is to say with the specifications of the products the magnet magnetic properties is the weakest, heat resistance and only 80 degrees, highest use temperature to reach a maximum of 70 degrees or so, when the temperature is close to 80 degrees, began to appear demagnetization phenomenon. Want to know more about the magnet for consulting, also please continue to focus on ndfeb strong magnet factory network, more news.
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