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The size of the shape of ndfeb magnet to the magnetic force what effect?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Shenzhen star and as a specialized manufacturer of ndfeb magnets, magnetic industry will now be described by the we explain to everybody and the size of the magnet with the different shapes of magnetic force has what effect? A different shape, the size of the magnet is, of course, have different magnetic force exists, because its magnetic field is made up of numerous small regional pole neat rows of the overall form. Shape is too complicated, the space interval would have scattered small area of the magnetic force. Such as ndfeb magnet thickness and size, shape, material and so on will affect the magnetic. Thinner than the thickness of magnet magnetic force is strong, we will increase the thickness of the magnet to, basically has the following three performance parameters to determine its performance and magnetic effect respectively: 1, the remanent magnetism Br: permanent magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove the external magnetic field, the retention of Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity. 2, coercive force Hc: make the saturation magnetization to technology of permanent magnet B down to zero, need to add the reverse magnetic field intensity is called magnetic coercive force, referred to as coercive force. 3, magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnet in the air gap space ( Two pole magnet space) The magnetic energy density, air gap the magnetostatic energy per unit volume. Due to the above will affect the magnetic force. So customers when you had to design the magnet or buy the magnet, want to consider the above factors, to avoid affect your time, shenzhen star create magnetic industry company focused on magnetic materials & amp; Components manufacturing and solutions. Reasonable price, reliable quality, punctual delivery, can processing production ndfeb magnet circle, square, tile shape, countersunk head hole, hole, grinding arc, steps, reducer, tapered, ladder shaped, bread shaped magnets. Welcome new old friend calls advisory negotiate and guidance! Tel: 13534236387 miss zhang
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