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The selection of sintered ndfeb products mainly consider the following points

by:Newland     2020-04-19
The choice of magnetic ndfeb due to the difference of intrinsic coercive force, has its limit the use of different temperature, selection of ndfeb brands working environment temperature must be lower than the corresponding maximum operating temperature, to the maximum play to the advantages of sintered ndfeb; Also because of ndfeb production characteristics, generally the highest performance of various series of production cost is higher, the cost performance is poorer, corresponding general price must be high 10 - The Times of high performance 20%, such as 48 h compared to 45 h remanent magnetization ( Br) About 4%, and the price is more than 20 or so, therefore we recommend that you take into consideration the choice, if you have not sure, please consult our experienced engineers. Size selection of sintered ndfeb products is a kind of brittle material, the general length to diameter ratio difference is not too large, or its products aging demagnetization rate will rise sharply, processing cost will also rise. We also do not recommend the ndfeb size designed to be very thin, in addition to avoid knock against cause missing Angle of products, general magnetic steel should design a suitable chamfering. Coating selection because of the limitation of ndfeb the matrix generally all needs to do special surface protective treatment. According to the using temperature, environmental impact, corrosion resistant properties, product appearance, bonding strength, adhesive effect factors, such as need to choose different metal or nonmetal surface protective layer. Please refer to our website coating introduced specific content or consulting our professional engineer. www。 yirongciye。 com
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