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The secret of a powerful magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
The main components of the magnet is ferroferric oxide. A general small magnet is made of black ferroferric oxide. But because the nature of the ferroferric oxide itself, causing him to not too strong, the influence of iron objects and its magnetic will follow time moves slowly weaken. So, how ability make a suction powerful magnets stronger and should not be a recession? So under the premise of ndfeb magnet arises at the historic moment. Ndfeb magnet strengths is cost-effective, with excellent mechanical properties: lack of Curie temperature in low point, temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to be pulverization corrosion, must go through to adjust its chemical composition and processing method to improve the adoption appearance, talent, to reach the request of the practice. Summary to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, has small volume, light weight and the characteristics of the magnetic strength, is currently the function, price is the best magnet in the magnetic field is known as the king of magnetic. High energy density of the strengths of nd-fe-b materials in modern industry and obtained widely used in electronic technology. Under the conditions of bare magnetic, magnetic force can be reached about 3500 gauss. Ndfeb magnet as the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, has the very high function, which is widely used in power, transportation, machinery, medical profession, IT, household appliances, especially with the development of the information technology represented by knowledge economy, the functions such as data for rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb industry constantly bring new USES, this bring ndfeb industry more broad market prospect. Ndfeb magnet is composed of neodymium, iron, boron, Nd2Fe14B) Tetragonal crystal system composed of crystal. In 1982, sumitomo special metals sagawa reality ( Masato Sagawa) Find neodymium magnets. The magnet magnetic energy product ( BHmax) Is greater than the samarium cobalt magnet, is one of the largest material then magnetic energy product all over the world. Later, sumitomo special metals to carry out the success of powder metallurgy method ( 粉末冶金过程) , gm to develop successful rotary spray melting method ( 融化, 纺丝过程) Ndfeb magnet could be prepared. This is now the strongest permanent magnet magnetic magnet, also is the most commonly used rare earth magnets ( 稀土磁铁) , is widely used in electronic products, such as hard drives, mobile phones, headsets and battery power supply and so on. In order to prevent the harm of corrosion, the need when using in the permanent magnet material appearance to do the maintenance process, such as gold, nickel, zinc, tin plating, as well as exterior coating epoxy resin and so on.
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