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The role of powerful magnets do salt spray test and related concepts are introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-26
This article will introduce you to the role of powerful magnets do salt spray test and related concept, let you have a certain knowledge of magnet salt fog. Powerful magnet salt spray test is what mean? How to do? Refers to a kind of using the salt spray test equipment created by the artificial simulation of the salt fog environment conditions to assess environmental testing of product surface corrosion resistance. Generally use 5% sodium chloride brine solution, solution PH adjustment in neutral range ( 6 - 7) As the spray solution. Test temperature is 35 ° C. Product surface coating corrosion phenomenon, the amount of time required for said. Powerful magnet salt spray corrosion test chamber through the inspection on the material and the protective layer of salt fog corrosion ability, and the process quality comparison of similar protective layer, at the same time can examine some product of salt fog corrosion resistance; This product is applicable to spare parts, electronic components, metal materials of protective layer and salt fog corrosion test of industrial products. Can be powerful magnet test method: neutral salt spray test ( lrh - 108 - 一) Salt spray test ( lrh - 270 - 一) Acetic acid salt spray test ( lrh - 412 - 一) Copper accelerated vinegar instinct experiment of high temperature hot and humid test temperature: neutral salt spray test: test: 1 ℃ to 35 ℃ +, b. Saturated air barrels: 47 ℃ + / - 1 ℃, acid corrosion test: test: 50 ℃ + / - 1 ℃, b. Saturated air barrels: 63 ℃ + / - 1 ℃, can also according to JIS standard setting, CNS, etc. Guess you attention related magnet salt fog articles; Galvanized ndfeb strong magnet can have how many hours of salt spray test? Ndfeb magnet nickel plating can be resistant to salt spray test 72 hours?
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