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The role of ndfeb magnets in the powder

by:Newland     2020-05-15
Magnetic powder is short for magnetic powder, are composed of a basic material of gap between particle and particle aggregation. The powder body is between solid and colloidal substances. Less than 0. 1μ M solid is known as colloid, and higher than 0. 1μ M solid known as compact or solid. Neodymium magnetic powder particles between, with many small holes through joint surface is very small. On the surface of the atoms cannot form a strong binding force. Powder body, therefore, is not as dense body has a definite shape, but showed similar to liquid liquid. Dense no macro pore in the body, they through the atomic bonding force connection. Powder metallurgy method is usually used in the preparation of rare earth magnet alloy process. Alloy ingot is produced in this way. Neodymium magnet powder can be divided into three stages: coarse, medium and fine, powder size required for 3 - 5μ m。 Easy to rare earth magnet metal oxide, for example, produce SMZ03 and ND203. These oxide powder at high temperature in spontaneous fire in the air, and through the magnetic interaction, will become the second powder particles, powder by van der Waals force, namely London force and magnetic force between powder gathered a group of small particles. Therefore, the rare earth permanent magnet alloy powder in the main poor liquidity in the air, leads to the next step in the magnetic field orientation has the certain difficulty.
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