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The rare earth price rising, rare earths are still prohibited from exportation

by:Newland     2020-03-20
Epidemic under the influence of rare earth industry as a whole is still not fully recover production, logistics, epidemic prevention factors such as rare earth products after a serious impediment to clinch a deal, but praseodymium neodymium dysprosium terbium mainstream products such as price continues to increase. Generally inadequate inventory and the downstream can ensure sales and logistics enterprise is not much, the upstream firms continue to test. With the ease of logistics and expanding the rate of return to work, clinch a deal in the future will gradually improve, upstream competition will gradually develop at the same time, under the action of both, praseodymium neodymium product is steady, raised speed with relative ease. Compared praseodymium neodymium and dysprosium, terbium price rise faster. After each rise in different, but the suppliers of dysprosium terbium afternoon confidence praseodymium neodymium relatively abundant, Burma exports remain banned status is a major cause of prop up its confidence. In December last year, myanmar unilaterally announced a ban on rare earth exports, domestic several times after the change has not been a fundamental change. At the beginning of 2020, China was invited to visit myanmar, both sides have more economic and trade agreements, China continues to expand the main rice products such as import, but just recently learned, myanmar is still due to China's goodwill and open its domestic rare earth export actively, and the duration of the ban is still uncertain. China and the United States of rare earth battle has taken its toll on the re form and pattern of international, the United States continue to support woo third-party rare earth forces, Burma the hard to avoid lets the personage inside course of study to be lenovo. Relevant agency predicted, myanmar on rare earths attitude is unclear, but in the domestic enterprise feedback, after the main rare earth there are many barriers to imports, dysprosium, terbium product is now only in the history of medium high price, if the rare earths prohibition continues, dysprosium, terbium products there is room to rise further. This paper is derived from the red information of rare earths, Ricky xiaofu card by dongguan rare earth permanent magnet manufacturer finishing editing, for share only. Information related to myanmar rare earth; Myanmar for heavy rare earths in rare earth export to start again years later is expected to rise sharply
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