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The radiation (sintered ndfeb magnet Multipolar) The circular have what advantage?

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Production of sintered ndfeb magnets in China has been more than 80% of the world's total output, permanent magnet motor is an important field of rare earth permanent magnet. In recent years, with the development of permanent magnet motor design and production technology and control technology, rare earth permanent magnet motor in areas such as automotive, CNC machine tools for a wide range of applications. Now let's look at the permanent magnet motor in the use of sintered ndfeb magnets more radiation ( Multipolar) The circular have what advantage? The existing magnetization of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet motor usually adopt tile mosaics loop. Due to the Angle, the machining accuracy of the limitation of tile type magnet splicing of circular and dynamic balance is poor, the magnetic transition zone between big, make the motor noise and vibration. In order to make the motor rotor has good dynamic balance, installed in the rotor magnet need polishing, otherwise will directly affect the performance of the motor. Because before installation magnetization, magnetic tile has been harder to burnish, cause the installation costs increased significantly. The radiation (sintered ndfeb magnet Multipolar) Circular and overcomes the drawback of joining together the circular, can replace the traditional block. Processing high precision; The magnetization into a multipolar in internal and external surface can be directly and easy to install. Due to good transition zone is small, dynamic balance between the poles, to reduce the noise and vibration of the motor, improve the performance of the permanent magnet motor. Because is completely radiation orientation, can effectively improve the efficiency of the motor.
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