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The Pro built-in 102 new magnetic refrigerator with iron ark can post it up

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Apple released in October the new Pro, the new Pro into the most expensive in the history of refrigerator, in order to and keyboard type intelligent double clamp connection is stable, its built-in over 100 magnet 【 Some information for 102 】 , so the fridge, you could post it up on the big iron chest. As to the benefits of on the fridge, is liberated by hands, may be convenient for you in the kitchen cooking while cooking show? Here are some to buy back the net friend, have to admire since know new the Pro built-in magnets, my family had the smart fridge. New the Pro after the release of more than 100 built-in magnets, and then by netizens play is broken in the history of the most expensive fridge magnets, as for bump camera instead more convenient to buckle down. What do you think how this function? Article information retrieval on network integrated, edited by Ricky xiaofu magnet factory card, buy magnets, Ricky magnet card on Internet.
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