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The principle of ndfeb magnet grinding powder _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
The principle of ndfeb magnet grinding powder, here are the detailed explanation: small make up to you & ensp;       Ndfeb magnets generally used airflow grinding powder. Two particles collide, its kinetic energy can only a small section into surface, a sector consumption in fractured particles, and big departments into sound energy, heat and lattice distortion energy.         Set into the original powder of ndfeb magnet airflow grinding powder of 246 TLM ( 60 mesh) 。 General metal surface energy density between 18 j/m2, it depends on the internal interatomic bonding property of metal and metal melting point. 50 c, about 18 x10 - its kinetic energy - - - - - - 3J。 Ndfeb magnet jet mill has a variety of structural types. After 32 mm particle collisions, broken into 4 PM s 5/10 of a particle diameter, according to the estimate the energy change of particles before and after the collision. Feed grinding materials used in 3 d set up a number of the airflow nozzle spray transfer impact energy, and air flow in fluidized bed expansion of suspension roll broken destroy collision, friction, and rising air currents driven by the top set of turbine grading equipment, powder discharge closed to separation and recovery, coarse powder by gravity settling back broken destroyed area inheritance broken destroyed. If the assumption of NdFeB powder particles broken surface before and after the density of 2 j/m2, then the total surface energy of the particles before and after the broken 10 - Increased to 10-7 j SJ level number.     Description two powder particles collide, the surface energy is very small, mainly in the huge momentum, under the action of particle breaking into a fine powder. 50 c, two goals at this time with the same energy, E = l / 2 myzq - namely ~ rd2· / type mNdFeB original quality of the powder particles, kg; DNdFeB original powder particle diameter, m; ABU & ndash; Surface energy density, J/m9; Dc speed of sound, 16 ~ C in air, = 340 m/s.
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