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The principle of magnetic knowledge popularization

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Magnet is refers to the magnetic field can produce an object, or material, usually made of metal alloy, has the strong magnetism. Traditionally can be divided into 'permanent magnet' and 'non permanent magnet'. Permanent magnet can be a natural product, also called lodestone, can also be made by artificial ( The most powerful magnet is neodymium magnets) 。 The permanent magnets, magnetic sometimes lost. Magnetized and Chinese found in nature in ancient Greece there is a natural stone, called it a 'magnet'. This stone can be magic little pieces of iron absorption, and at a random wobble is always point to the same direction. Early voyager the magnet as the compass of its first to identify the direction in the sea. After one thousand years of development, the magnet has become a powerful material in our life today. Through the synthesis of different material alloy can achieve the same effect as the tool, but also can improve the magnetic force. Came in the 18th century artificial magnet, but the process of making stronger magnetic material is very slow, until the 1920 s to produce the aluminum nickel and cobalt, Alnico) 。 Then, in the 1950 s produced the ferrite ( Ferrite) , creating a rare earth magnet in the 70 s [ RareEarthmagnet including ndfeb ( 钕铁硼) And samarium cobalt ( SmCo) ] 。 At this point, magnetism obtained the rapid development of science and technology, strong magnetic material also makes the components more miniaturization. Most of the magnetic material can be along the same direction of magnetization to saturation, the direction is called the 'magnetization direction' ( Orientation direction) 。 No orientation in the direction of the magnet ( Also known as isotropic magnet) Than the orientation of the magnet ( Also called anisotropic magnets) Magnetic to weaker. What is the standard of 'poles' industry definition? 'North Pole' is defined as the magnet at a random rotation after its North Pole pointing to the earth's North Pole. Also, the magnet South Pole pointing in the direction of the earth's South Pole. In the absence of how to identify the magnet the North Pole? It is clear that the only by eyes are unable to distinguish. Can use the compass to the magnet, the pointer to the earth's North Pole will point to magnetic South Pole. How to safe handling and storage of the magnet? Should always be careful, because the magnet will be their adsorption together, may be task of fingers. When magnet mutual adsorption are also likely to be damaged due to collision magnet itself ( Break out the edges or hit the cracks) 。 Will be magnetized magnet is far from easy items, such as floppy disks, credit CARDS, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc. The magnet should be far away from the cardiac pacemaker. Larger size magnets, each piece should be added between the plastic or cardboard gasket in place to ensure that can easily separate magnet. The magnet should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment. How to make magnetic isolation? Only can adsorption to the magnet material can have the effect of magnetic field partition, and the more thick material, the effect of the magnetic separation, the better. In an article: how to make the quality of ndfeb magnet next article: how to choose the high quality manufacturers purchase the magnet?
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