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The price of 2018 strong magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Powerful magnet processing industry, as the most downstream manufacturing supply chain, is always a fine line between price and quality. Powerful magnet has an irreplaceable role in modern industry, while as the final end products we see nor touch less than the physical, but the role of its little hush. Wrote this article about the price of powerful magnet, because too much related to similar problems in the past two days, some time ago to go to the Asian electronics show, during the exhibition to see many old customers, of course, there are a lot of new customers in communicating with us. For the use of powerful magnets, we discuss how to reduce costs as much as possible, the most effective use of magnets, and as a magnet manufacturer we are, if you prepare to answer all the questions as soon as possible. In the process of discussion, about the price and quality, continuous improvement of process was mentioned, how to reduce the price but does not reduce the quality, it seems to me that only from the perspective of technology to improve, and continuously make the shape of a powerful magnet, closer to the product performance. Is the premise of good product price, need to fully guarantee the quality of a powerful magnet, the quality is not single, but to be in the process of using in the product stability, and each batch of product quality stability, and fully guarantee the quality of products, is also a kind of cost price, don't have to spend manpower, material resources and financial resources to constantly find new suppliers, also no longer need to saving time for unstable quality of the products have a headache, is also a kind of cost and time itself. Surging and magnet manufacturers to cooperate, in terms of the corresponding degrees will be more and more high, and as a magnet manufacturer we also with the deepening of the process, can consider to powerful magnet controllable cost, naturally also increasingly cooperate with manufacturers in continuous improvement. Thus, the real cost is not just a single powerful magnets and processing cost, more rational in every aspect of the cost of the balance is the real cost reduction.
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