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The physical properties of sintered ferrite magnetic material table _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Ferrite due to its preparation technology and the appearance is very similar to the ceramics, so is sometimes referred to as magnetic porcelain. Simple ferrite is a kind of has a ferromagnetic metal oxide. , depending on the magnetic properties and application of ferrite can be divided into: the soft magnetic, permanent magnet, magnetic, magnetic moment, piezomagnetic five types. According to the different processing technology such as ferrite magnetic material can also be divided into two categories: sintered permanent magnetic ferrite materials with bonded permanent magnetic ferrite materials. In fact, the classification of the ferrite material very much, common are have ten kinds, such as manganese zinc ferrite materials, nickel zinc ferrite materials, and so on, these materials have certain differences, not only on the material and on the performance is also very different, suitable for use is also different. Today ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers website mainly introduces some physical properties of sintered permanent magnetic ferrite, let you to have a basic understanding of physical characteristic of ferrite. What is highest working temperature such as ferrite magnet? Permanent magnetic ferrite density? The hardness of ferrite? The density of ferrite and resistivity and so on. Specific see below:
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