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The permanent magnet rotor manufacturer to tell you about the structure of the permanent magnet rotor

by:Newland     2020-05-05
The permanent magnet rotor is a kind of used for the permanent magnet rotor motor. With high performance, high speed, high precision, high corrosion resistance, etc. Factory production including rotor permanent magnet rotor iron core and rotor shaft, rotor shaft through the shaft hole of the rotor iron core, and the rotor iron core fastened together, its characteristic is that the rotor iron core on the lateral has several convex sets, a number of magnetic tile buckle respectively in adjacent between two convex sets. Due to we use the permanent magnet rotor on the rotor iron core is equipped with several convex set, magnetic tile by convex set button mounted on the rotor iron core structure, so to ensure the magnetic tile and rotor core of joint positioning is good, in addition, magnetic tile inside and the outside of the rotor iron core contact surface coated with adhesive, so the further ensure that the assembly between the rotor iron core and magnetic tile is firm and reliable; In addition, the utility model on the rotor iron core is equipped with a number of tank, so as to effectively prevent the rotor shaft of permeability and magnetic flux leakage, and its simple structure, easy assembly, low production cost.
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