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The new scene of ndfeb magnetic material industry in our country

by:Newland     2020-05-03
We of ndfeb industry are optimistic, think ndfeb industry in long-term business cycle, the downstream demand most strong rigidity. We can be divided into miniaturization demand downstream of the ndfeb, energy demand and cross needs three categories, basic irreplaceable miniaturization demand, energy conservation needs the strongest alternative, cross specification has some alternative, basically see or high-grade products belong to perfection. Magnetic materials as the core of the electronic information industry middle materials, functional and applied widely, has broad market prospects. In the national & quot; Five-year & quot; Planning under the background of developing emerging industries, with the gradually mature of emerging industry technology and industrial scale is gradually expanding, magnetic material industry will welcome the spring. Our positive and neutral two scenarios to predict the downstream demand. Optimistic scenario, we estimate the demand of blank 11 years in ndfeb magnet is 7. About 50000 tons, and neutral scenario blank demand in June. About 10000 tons. According to the national mining index to measure, 11 years ndfeb supply will be reduced by more than 30%, imbalance between supply and demand is the basis of ndfeb corporate investment logic. We judge large ndfeb production companies can successfully pass on rising cost pressure, sales income rapid growth while maintaining gross margin. On the other hand, we believe that the prices are unlikely to fall sharply ndfeb tons gross margin is expected to enjoy a long term businesses, gold investment period.
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