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the new fender strat still reigns supreme

by:Newland     2019-09-19
Fender Stratocaster is everywhere in the rock guitar world for a reason.
Strat has been an American Idol since the 1950 s, and is the preferred instrument for countless rock pioneers and innovators, creating a musical legacy that defines generations.
With the development of music, Fender has adjusted its design to keep up with the need for modern features while being careful not to forget its roots.
The new American career Series Strat is no exception, combining the past with the future and begging for voice exploration.
On January 2017, Fender released its lineup of American careers-
Their classical guitar and bass guitar (
Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Precision Bass)
The price is around $1,500.
Each model has unique features that deserve their own review, but this article is all about Strat.
Fender lent me one of their new hs Strats-
There is a humpback whale on the bridge (
Which Fender is called Shaw Buck)
Two single-coil pickups, one in the neck and one in the middle.
The classic Strat configuration of the three single-coil pickups is also available, along with two versions of shaobackel.
I have to say that it is not easy to return this instrument to you.
Strats is known for its playability.
But even compared to what I \'ve played before, the new career series surprised me.
Subtle improvements bring about a different world.
The new design \"deep-
C neck, \"with Maple Leaf or mahogany fingerboard, the outline is perfect for hands.
The neck becomes thinner-
When you go to the body of the instrument, the place close to the nut becomes thinner and fatter.
The thinner part of the neck, farther apart from the frets, suitable for large chord extensions, is ideal for the rhythmic work of thumb sliding.
Further down the neck, you usually play the lead line instead of the rhythm, and you\'ll want a fatter neck to hold your thumb and really dig.
This is a clever design.
Fender\'s new \"narrow-
Hand board on the tallin-
New neck shaped hands.
As the name implies, these troubles are narrower and higher than typical ones, meaning you have more room between them to better separate your fingers and not because of friction
This is especially helpful when you play high around your neck, as the frets there are closer.
Any part of the neck, narrow-
The tall frets allow you to play a better lever of monster bending, guiding rather than blocking the emotional game style.
This guitar is out of the box and feels great.
The quality of the tone matches the comfort of the performance.
Like the standard Strat, this guitar has 5-
The way to switch the switch is selected between the three pickups: Bridge, Bridge/medium, medium/neck, and neck.
Modern innovation and new V-mod (vintage-modern)pickups.
The single-coil mid-neck pickups consist of a separate alnico magnet proprietary mixture that is tailored to emphasize the frequency of each string.
These pickups retain the retro Strat style, but dial in tones more precisely than ever before.
Every rope feels right.
On many guitars, the lower or higher strings sound better at a particular pickup position, and some notes become muffled when playing chords.
This is not the case with these pickups.
The pronunciation of notes is amazing.
The neck pickups are warmer and softer than the middle pickups, and while it won\'t give you the full round sound of humpback whales on your archtop guitar, it can still get amazing jazz-
Great for jazz fusion and funk.
What this pickup truck really does is play the blues.
Put a little overspeed or blur on it, and the single coil packs some serious mojo.
I found myself enjoying the pickup in the middle too, but for different reasons.
This is a multi-function single coil.
Don\'t be too violent, don\'t be too noisy
Perfect allbodied chords.
In the band, it works very well with other instruments.
Instead of leading, it\'s pushing songs forward.
That\'s the shawbakker on the bridge. Again-
Great pickup.
Unlike the traditional configuration of installing a coil on a bridge, this humbucker never makes a harsh sound.
It creates a simpler sound that adds a bit of energy to your play and really runs through the whole mix.
This pickup truck is seriously deformed and a killer.
Regardless of the gain level, the notes remain clear and clear even when playing chords.
Not to mention that it is a humorous person, which means that it is not affected by the 60-loop hum
Perforated feedback inherent in a single coil pickerso play loud.
Personally, I prefer to play my own neck, bridge and middle pickup, but of course there is still a lot of experiments to be done between the two locations.
When the two pickups play together, because the pickups themselves are connected in parallel, the two tones are mixed together.
A concert between the bridge and the middle will give you a nasal sound, a very thin sound.
Maybe it\'s a little plasticine, not bad though.
This is a unique, biting voice that you can only hear with Strat.
Just another color (
Color palette, to be more precise)to paint with.
The fourth pick-up position, combined with the neck and middle pick-up, has a similar almost cocked wah sound, but slightly bass than the bridge/middle position.
The only real fault I have is that the sound of shaobkel is much larger than that of a single-coil pickup.
If you play in the middle or around your neck for rhythm, and then want to cry on the bridge alone, then that\'s a good thing, because the boost will soar your lead.
But this is double.
Edge sword, because you can\'t really play two rhythms, with the neck pickup without turning down the volume to fit the rhythm, or with the lift pedal when switching pickups
However, you can adjust the pick-up height of the bridge to counter the volume difference between humbucker and a single coil. One more thing-
I would be happy if you could split the coil on the Shawbucker so you can choose a coil or a humbucker with a switch.
Sometimes, I like the harsh sound of a single-coil bridge pickup --
After all, this is the classic Strat sound.
There\'s nothing better than surfing rock.
Fortunately, hs Strat can be modified to include a pickup splitter for humbucker, which really adds some versatility to the instrument.
Some guitarists think Strats sound a bit thin. It\'s true-
You\'re not going to play this clean Strat like playing other guitars, just like playing a hollow guitar to get rich harmonic colors5.
But it may be a good thing.
This guitar accepts distortion and other effects very well, such as delay, chorus, and reverb, while the guitar that produces more harmonious and rich tones becomes muddy when unaffected.
More versatile Fender-
A perfect canvas for Gear fans like me who like to patch tones with a dozen pedals.
Even if the guitar is very clean, it exudes a classic atmosphere.
It has been attracting musicians for decades to test the atmosphere.
So whether you play the guitar directly or through the pedals --
According to the size of John frausant, this Strat will definitely like it.
Some seemingly small details that should not be overlooked.
The first one is tremolo (or whammy)bar.
I love that it pops up with a satisfying click.
With the strategy of the past, the yellow bar was rolled into the bridge and easily blown away by the wind.
In contrast, this blow is smooth and quiet like butter when you want it.
Perhaps most importantly, this Strat did a great job of maintaining harmony after a bad dive, so feel free to go crazy and make some alert seasickness.
Then there is the treble bleeding circuit.
This feature allows you to scroll the volume on the guitar without losing the high end.
This is a feature I \'ve never encountered before, so when using distortion and rollback volume, I \'ve never played a guitar that cleans up so well.
This is for getting those brilliant, elusive, halfDistorted tone
Fender created something special with the professional series.
This is a masterpiece of ergonomics.
Even the lock box, the elite molded hard shell, is great.
It is super light, durable in appearance, and the interior is completely shaped in the shape of the guitar, comfortable and safe.
Not just an afterthought.
This applies to every design aspect of the entire instrument.
The street is neither quirky nor wild.
It has no crazy new features.
It has simple and practical improvements that most people have never paid attention to, but serious players will certainly notice.
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