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The ndfeb strong magnet a unit price is how much?

by:Newland     2020-03-29
A strong ndfeb magnets to spend how many money? How much is 1 ton ndfeb strong magnet? Often you can see the web page of posts, asking and answering the question, is the answer to the question? Have you found a lot of marketing companies did not make a positive reply on this issue. So because the price of ndfeb strong magnet can't quote? Or for other reasons? Ndfeb permanent magnetic material is the third generation, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, strong magnetic, widely used in various fields. NdFeB magnet is used so far the best magnet performance price ratio. In that case a strong ndfeb strong magnet and how much will it cost? , unlike other enterprise products, high strength and the price of the magnet can not find a definite price tag. A lot of factors affect the price of the magnet, such as performance index, total need, main parameters, specifications, coating, and other requirements and so on. A: the magnet iron absorption of energy from where come of? Next up: there are many things in the nature why these items will not take magnetic?
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