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The mouse anti-interference circular and big - role Card Ricky

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Now many families buy with a magnetic ring on the mouse, the mouse and the role of copper? The mouse anti-jamming is circular and effect big? I buy a mouse is necessary to buy a must to take the circular? Above problem, small make up arrangement is as follows: today, the computer has been very common, especially after 90, 00, basic is unable to completely leave the network, as if no network, is isolated, understand the news, office, learning, with a computer. So along while the mouse and the effect of magnetic ring? Main and anti-interference, one thing we all face, is the phone on the computer, when the telephone when speakers will make the sound, so magnetic ring with two main functions. 1, can prevent radiation. 2, both to bring high quality computer equipment to the broad masses of the people, let everyone in the use of computer, not a crash, displays have stripes, card machine phenomenon, most of these problems are the problems of interference signal caused by attacks on computer. The mouse anti-jamming is circular and effect big? Small public utility of the mouse, there is no anti-jamming magnetic ring, also didn't find what's wrong, don't have to buy mouse must buy a belt anti-interference of the circular. Of course, something is better than nothing, general will with more advanced point of the mouse, don't know what did you find? Relevant anti-interference circular and circular and anti-jamming result is bad or not caused by anti-jamming is what reason?
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