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The making craft of ndfeb strong magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-08
The making craft of ndfeb strong magnet: usually has two kinds: automatic slicing machine cutting wire cutting machine or cutting. Automatic slicing machine, is a thickness of 0. About 3 mm diamond inner hole cutting blade, cut the ndfeb magnet into according to the rules of the specifications of the need to size. Only this method, only applies to simple three-dimensional square shape and cylindrical shape. Because the inner hole is cut, so the magnet size can not be too large, or to put in the blade to go inside. One other way is cutting. Is often used to cut tiles, and large size of the magnet. Punch: holes, usually with the vibration of diamond grinding wheel drill out; Big hole, with the method of set of holes, so can save the cost of raw materials on a story: the United States: China 'trump card' weapons instead of rare earth minerals it - — Next article: where to find the magnet manufacturer?
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