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The main factors affect the price of the magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-11
2015 years of rare earth materials prices under the state control over a slight upward trend, ndfeb strong magnet prices have also affected, with rising raw material prices since February, until the end of march, the material prices eased, the general trend rose about 25%, based on the rises, ndfeb strong magnet products unit price also rose sharply, because the material price rising trend is too large, the magnet is the inevitable result manufacturers cannot afford price request with our customer, rare earth raw materials prices lead to a strong magnet prices, and rising production costs further. In 2011, ndfeb strong magnet magnet price appeared a rollercoaster ride. Crazy rising magnet prices bring ndfeb strong magnet market considerable shock, when such forms of ndfeb strong magnet prices, on the one hand bring ndfeb magnet manufacturers think of good performance, a lot of ndfeb magnet factory using the windfall of material price difference. But on the other hand, prices of posture, let the market there is inflation, inflation will inevitably arise in 2012, it returned to the original starting point. So the price of ups and downs, brings a lot of enterprises great market pressure. Why such prices? One reason is that national policy failed to keep up with the market development needs, let the market development out of balance, allowing speculators to hype, countries to adjust the magnet market, put forward '22' for this new policy. Local governments actively response and implement. To this end, the new policy will support maintain price of magnet. The second is due to start the new energy, energy-saving market, new fuel-efficient vehicles. The invention of new energy vehicles, and start to bring the huge impact in the industry. So, the innovation of science and technology also to a great extent, affects the market of magnets. Although, magnet price is affected by these factors, but the production that does not want to worry too much. Unstable, at present, in view of the market price of the stock exchange, regularly publish a fair market price, in order to promote the magnet price stability and development and prosperity of the whole industry, any market effect cannot leave a principle: when supply exceeds demand, overcapacity in the product price decline is inevitable, and the value of the product itself has decided the value of market demand. The previous: basic common sense of the magnet is analysed next: a magnet, strong powerful magnets: simple introduction
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