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The main application in high performance ndfeb magnets in the automotive industry _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Conventional cars & ndash; — Present a high-level ndfeb demand powerhouse high performance ndfeb in the application of conventional car focused primarily on EPS after entering the 21st century, and micro-motor industry began to great changes have taken place. Auto parts enterprises in the design of products, to the pursuit of comfort and safety. To increase the comfort of a car by electronic, security is an important development direction. Global auto smooth growth of the global auto industry sold 90. 68 million vehicles in 2015, rose 3. 63%. Although the car sales in the wake of the financial crisis continues to grow, but growth is slowing since 2012. 1. EPS - — Rapid growth in EPS led power steering technology as an important part of vehicle steering system, that affect vehicle handling stability, comfort and driving safety of one of the key systems. In the design of steering system, in order to ease the contradiction between automobile steering portability and sensitiveness, most commercial vehicles and 50% of all cars with power steering system. Since the 1950 s, power steering system over the conventional hydraulic power steering system ( HPS) , the electro-hydraulic power steering system ( EHPS) , electric power steering system ( 每股收益) Three stages of development, and has continued to the trend of the development of the electronic and intelligent. EPS due to its advanced technology, superior performance, the future will replace other power steering technology, become the mainstream of power steering technology. EPS advantage prominent EPS electronic power steering system on the basis of the traditional mechanical steering system, based on the steering wheel torque signal and the speed signal, using electronic control device make the motor produces corresponding size and direction of the auxiliary power, assist the driver in turning operations. It can be easily implemented in different speed for different motor power effect, ensure the car lightweight flexible, while travelling at low speed to high speed to drive has enough of the road, and stable and reliable. The aid of permanent magnetic material used in EPS motor of the EPS on the performance of the permanent magnet motor, is very tall to the requirement of weight and volume, so the EPS of permanent magnetic materials mainly for high performance ndfeb magnets, mainly sintered ndfeb. In the EPS system, hot-pressing ndfeb is expected to replace function on the formation of sintered ndfeb. This is because the hot pressing ndfeb magnetic high, can only make it ring and high yield. At present hot pressing ndfeb is 20% higher than the cost of sintered ndfeb, future further mature and further reduce the cost, as the technology is expected to have good cost performance. EPS permeability gradually increase since 2010, according to authoritative organization Strategic Analytics reports, permeability of the EPS device in the eu in 2010 from 70% to 81% in 2015. China started relatively late, from less than 10% in 2010 to about 38%. With the sustained and rapid growth of the auto market, as well as the improving of the EPS permeability, EPS with permanent magnet broad market space. Since 2015, China will overtake Europe and the United States and Japan, as the world's largest EPS market. 2. Micro-motor & ndash; — Ndfeb replace ferrite space huge micromotor are widely used in the car in the car, in addition to start the engine starter, the rest distributed in every parts of the motor car is motivation. Before automobile micromotor as wiper, only the wind glass scrubber, electric pump, the power source of the parts such as automatic antenna assembly, less quantity. Now cars focus on the pursuit of automatic passenger comfort and maneuverability, micro motor has become a modern the indispensable parts of a car. Sunroof motor, adjust seat, seat belt motor, electric motor, starting motor of antenna, baffle cleaning machine, cooling fan motor, dome light, air conditioner motor, steering linkage with fog lamps, electric water pump, electric pump, electronic air conditioner, speakers and sensors ( Position, velocity, pressure, etc. ) Such as auto parts, all need to micromotor. According to the auto industry estimates, every luxury car about 100 units, equipped with micromotor the limousine at least equipped with 60, economical cars equipped with at least 20. Micromotor areas there is a huge space to automobile micromotor ndfeb instead of ferrite on magnetic field is relatively low, ferrite as the main magnetic material at present. The efficiency of the bonded ndfeb micromotor to 8 - higher than ferrite micromotor Reduced by more than 10% 50%, power consumption, reduce weight more than 50%. “ Efficient miniaturization + lightweight & throughout; Has become a car companies cope with the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction is unable to avoid option, so in the future in the field of micromotor ndfeb replace ferrite there is a huge space. Considering the traditional EPS and micro-motor and automotive spare parts demand growth.
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