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the magnetic power of the scale

by:Newland     2019-08-28
The dictionary defines the word \"weight\" as a measurement of the gravity of an object.
The definition of \"scale\" seems to be similar, because it seems that the scale also has a magnetic pull for many of us.
I was recently in a women\'s locker room in a busy fitness facility and when I opened the locker I noticed some commotion at the door.
A group of teenage girls in hockey uniforms surrounded a large electronic scale.
They are discussing their weight and many girls are concerned about the disappointing numbers on the scale.
When they left the locker room, I was surprised to see women of all ages, shapes and sizes attracted by the magnetic force of the scale.
I sat on the bench in the dressing room and watched the woman come and go and everyone took turns on the scale.
I heard a sigh and saw the face of disappointment and the blank eyes of discontent.
I see friends comparing numbers to discuss weight gain and loss.
A woman smiled and said she lost a pound.
This is especially disturbing given that she is already clearly in a healthy weight range.
What is a scale that has such great power over us?
Is our culture so focused on appearance and weight?
Perhaps this also has to do with health professionals using the scale to classify you as healthy or unhealthy people.
While the scale is a way to assess your health, it should never be the end pointall-be-
All of this is to measure your health and success.
Here are some notes you need to know: While your weight reflects your nutrition and exercise habits, what determines your weight, contrary to many popular diet books
Known as a health expert, your weight is not explained by simple \"calories\" and \"calories.
\"Your weight is a reflection of many complex factors that go beyond your eating and activity habits such as genetics, family history, age, gender, body composition, sleep habits, hormones and stress
Realize that we can change some of these factors.
Admitting that others are an unchangeable part of our persistence.
Work with factors you can control, such as nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep, and remind yourself
Other people
With a unique weight, your body will turn.
When people increase activity levels, one of the most common situations is that losing weight can be slow, and sometimes it can actually increase as the muscle mass increases.
Ironically, despite the improvement in energy,
Fitting clothing (
Because the muscles occupy less space than fat)
Many customers get upset when the scale does not drop.
When losing weight is slower than expected, customers are also often disappointed, although they have moved their diet to an amazing level of nutritional balance, which not only improves their medical condition (
Such as blood pressure, blood cholesterol level or blood sugar)
But they feel better.
In both cases, I believe people feel that they are doing their jobs and are not paid.
Keep in mind that paycheques may be another currency instead of using weight loss as the only payment check.
Learn to celebrate wages in the form of health compensation and energy compensation.
What is the healthy weight?
There is a lot of debate about how best to determine a person\'s \"healthy weight.
\"Most health professionals use the body Quality Index (BMI)
, This is related to your height, weight and waist circumference.
While it is good to see these factors as the starting point for determining whether you are weight-healthy, these factors do not take into account individual differences, history, and body composition (
Fat, muscles, bones).
Also consider that this scale does not measure your eating habits and exercise habits.
This oversimplifies the complex science of your weight.
As a dietitian, some of the healthiest people I \'ve ever seen will always rank high on the weight chart, while some of the most unhealthy people I know who have a bad lifestyle will stay healthy
You may, like many of my clients, look at the target weight chart and get frustrated with the numbers you haven\'t been to for decades.
Or you may be the same as other people who are trying to lose weight, but you can\'t seem to lose the last 10 to 20 pounds that the doctor wants you to lose.
Are these people still healthy? I believe so.
Choosing to acknowledge scale is just a small tool to measure your progress.
You know your body best.
A truly healthy weight is not something that can be found in the chart: When you nourish it with healthy food and exercise it regularly, your body will naturally maintain a range and manage sleep and stress.
Don\'t let your happiness, your own rules of scale
Value and belief in your health.
Decide not to stand on the balance every day to determine whether it will be a good day full of failure and guilt or a bad day.
Resist the magnetic pull of the scale and start measuring your success in your own way.
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