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the magnetic blob: watch metallic slime creep towards magnets before engulfing them in goo

by:Newland     2019-10-26
It may look like the alien amoeba that intimidated villagers in the 1950 horror film \"spots\", but this black mucus is attracted by magnets rather than by vulnerable people.
In the video, before devouring the magnet, the metal Silly Putty seems to be able to slowly move from a small distance to the magnet.
While demonstrating the simple scientific principles of magnetism
Use silly putty that may be made from iron oxide powder and solid permanent magnets-
The video of the passage of time proves this.
It was created by youuber Ian Parks, who filmed a video with an iPhone at his home in Los Angeles for a while. \"I recently got some new magnets, a lot, and he wrote:\" It\'s much stronger than what I \'ve used before . \".
It\'s interesting to see the different performance of putty.
\"In part of the video, the putty\" crawled \"out of the Bowl, where the putty rippled and moved to a solid magnet next to it, glued to one side.
In another photo, the viscous substance moves along the side of the magnet, creating a fascinating pattern as it moves, which is produced by the iron powder in the mixture in response to the magnetic field invisible to the magnet.
These fields fill up the space around the magnet, in which case it attracts putty, but also repels putty.
This experiment can be tried at home by making magnetic putty-taking safety precautions such as using gloves and masks.
A fine power supply sold at the art store-iron oxide can be added to Silly Putty, which costs a few pounds and is a popular toy.
This should be done in a well.
The ventilated area is easily sucked in because it is good. com reported.
The video does not show instructions on how to remove the magnetic putty from the magnet.
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