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The magnet size control manufacturer ndfeb magnet production process? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Ndfeb permanent magnets and called modern industrial monosodium glutamate, as a kind of important modern industry promote contemporary high performance magnetic materials technology field and the progress of the society, is widely applied in various fields. Have high requirements of ndfeb magnet size tolerance for the customers, how to control the size in ndfeb magnet production process is each ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers must master the technology. Powerful magnet common specifications include: round, square, perforated, abnormity. A, how to control the size in square ndfeb magnet production process? On the premise of get the finished product specifications, square ndfeb magnet size control is: slice, double end face grinding, electroplating. The arrangement of the production scheduling in the process of production must be accurate product of each process tolerances, to meet the specific requirements of product tolerance. Second, the circular ndfeb magnet production process how to control the size? 1, must be finished size 2, the size of the outer diameter circular grinding control in this work, generally of plus or minus 3 wire, the special requirements of plus or minus 2 silk, but also leave room according to the requirement of the coating. 3, slice thickness, the size of the circle and double end face grinding on the two process control, if the size requirement is plus or minus five silk, can be realized, round slices. If is plus or minus 3 wire and the following to the double end face grinding. And according to the finished product size tolerance of leeway. 4, it is very important to the final coating control procedure, to prepare micrometer often measure the size of the finished product, to meet the specific requirements of tolerance. Three, how to control the size in perforated ndfeb magnet production process? The size of the hole in ndfeb magnet is check general rules to achieve control. Countersunk hole size control is Angle ruler and vernier caliper. Still need to electroplating process tolerances leeway, it is very important. Four, special-shaped ndfeb magnet production process how to control the size? According to the product drawings to determine the size of each process control. The above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers web editor.
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