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【 The magnet is really harmful to health? 】

by:Newland     2020-05-04
【 The magnet is really harmful to health? 】 1. To the magnetic field of have a harm to human body, size depends on the strength of the magnetic field, in general, 3000 gauss ( Magnetic field units) The following magnets, no harm to human body, more than 3000 field strength magnets, there is a harm to human body. Magnet while harmful to human body but someone afraid of negligible magnetic field affect the body, but according to the test, magnetic field effects on people is only one 5 of the television. 2. Magnet magnetic field of the damage: we will know the magnet magnetic field on the human body has functions of promoting blood circulation, temporarily no data to indicate the magnet magnetic field directly harm on human body, so don't worry about is too much for the magnet magnetic field. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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