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The magnet is how to?

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Known to have a lot of items can be friction into magnetic magnet, but its material if not iron, steel, but it is not necessarily all of all can be made into a magnet, because they contain the substances, such as: stainless steel will not be able to as a magnet. City magnetic technology co. , LTD. Small make up to now to demonstrate how to make magnets with simple, first of all, a magnet with a screwdriver is used material, we need take the magnet on the slide friction metal parts of the screwdriver, from side to side, rubbing, can produce a magnetic screwdriver. Magnet factory making powerful magnet production process: the ingredients - melting tableting - milling to molding, sintering and tempering magnetic detection to grinding to pin cutting processing, electroplating, finished product. Magnet is able to form the object of the magnetic field, a magnetic dipole, can attract a ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metallic. Discriminant is a thin line hanging a pole of the magnet, pointing to the North Pole is called refers to the North Pole or the N pole, pointing to the South Pole is refers to the South Pole or S. ( If the earth like a big magnet, the earth's magnetic North Pole is the S pole, the south poles is N pole) Heteropolar magnet attraction, homopolar exclusive, refers to the South Pole and attraction refers to the arctic, refers to the South Pole and refers to the Antarctic repel, refers to the North Pole and repel refers to the North Pole. Magnets can be divided into 'a permanent magnet' and 'non permanent magnet'. A permanent magnet can be a natural product, also called lodestone, can also be made by artificial ( The strongest magnet ndfeb magnet) 。 The permanent magnet, such as the electromagnet, only under certain conditions will be magnetic. A: powerful magnet material next article: city magnetic technology co. , LTD. Small make up elaborate magnet factory for the classification and characteristics of a strong magnet
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