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The magnet effect of mobile phone? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
The magnet effect of mobile phone? Now is the era of rapid development of mobile communication, but we can find that no matter how smart phones and rapid development, when people see the magnet close to the mobile phones will start to worry about after within some important files are erased or become twisted, the phone's screen appears to magnet into all the killer cell phone in your life, so the fact is it true? A lot of people will be some established thinking disrupted their own judgment, or think some everyone think the reason is certainly not wrong. As the saying goes: three into a tiger, embodiment, a lot of things may not be so easy as you see on the surface of. Heard a lot of people say the magnet especially big to the harm of mobile phones, even ruin the phone, today we have to resolve it. Magnet is part of mobile phone function, there will be some impact, but the size of influence depends on the size of the magnet magnetic force. Magnetic big magnet may disrupt the original mobile phone some electronic magnetic field, thus the magnetized some sensing device inside the phone. If it is, however, is magnetic small or are some of the magnetic field change rate is very low, basic does not affect the function of the mobile phone. Mobile phone itself to have the magnet, as speaker, vibrator motor, flip is made of the magnet. Foreign role is the static magnetic field, and a magnet not alternating and therefore do not produce electromagnetic field. Electronic products will be affected by the magnet, the interference should be far away from the magnet. Prolonged magnet magnetic environment, the electronic products will lose some of their functions, and even damage of hardware. Mobile phone circuit is blocked, but only shielding electromagnetic fields, the static magnetic field shielding effect is not big. Other household appliances with magnetic and powerful magnets together is not accurate. Electrical appliances in the magnet. A magnet for magnetic recording material will have effect. And on the other hand, is where a magnetic field can interfere with signal, The electromagnetic wave) , the receiver is also a magnet, when calls for magnetic fields you can't hear each other speak. So in the home, I rarely put mobile TV, microwave ovens, beside the speaker and so on. Now it is said that some apple set with with lron, too. In short, not between the magnets and the mobile phone has a lot of misunderstanding and fear, the magnet is not the mouths of the bane of the digital electrical appliances, contrary to some electrical equipment because of the magnet can realize more features.
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