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The magnet can make homework disappear?

by:Newland     2020-04-28
It's too boring. More for a while, homework is complete. Ah, let's have a rest, shall we? Afraid of good, hungry my stomach is growling. Two hours didn't move, my butt is sore. It suddenly occurred to me that the school snack bar in front of the inside spicy Fried rice cake. Good! Go now. The first to reach eat one! And so on Fried rice cake is delicious, but you have to turn off the computer to go! Can let the computer for a while and additional? It will waste a lot of electricity, you don't understand? Is a self-righteous! First turn on the job files stored on the usb flash drive. If turn off the power supply, the file will disappear. I am the first, wait you peace of mind. Ah! You this is foul! Hic 1 or Fried rice cake is the most delicious! I finish my homework. Ok. Computer suddenly appear abnormal, suddenly can't work! U disk problems. All of a sudden is how to return a responsibility? How is it possible! Not all because of you 1 is clamoring for you eat Fried rice cakes results became like this. You this is nonsense! Do you not feel like? Hey, you don't make so much noise, or to do the homework. Oh, already five o 'clock! We can finish the homework? Huh? Little friends, this is not your fault, so don't not happy. Who are you? I am a magnet elves. Your homework has disappeared because the magnet imp. Magnet kid? So is the magnet imp stealing our homework? Precisely the power of the magnet damaged the computer's hard drive. Holes to appear on the display but also for the magnet. Really change the color. Magnet curious kids wandering, like a prank. Do you want to find a magnet kid? Good, be sure to find the magnet imp.
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