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The machine filter jacket magnets can prevent engine wear? It is not necessary to

by:Newland     2020-03-17
Now rumours circulated on the Internet, most are 80% the objective existence of the facts, mixed 20% of nonsense. 'In the machine filter is installed on the magnet adsorption engine intraclast' this one is no exception. Mechanic told car, the car engine are mainly adopted by the aluminum material, main body and some of the parts. And resistance to wear, the engine's main operating units, such as between piston ring and cylinder wall, the crankshaft and bearing shell and in selecting the bearing of steel material, say from metal strength, the friction is will produce metal chips. Someone you want to, if these free metal particles in the oil, if were conveniently by magnet adsorption reached the machine filter, isn't will be able to give the engine a layer of protection, the corresponding also can reduce the maintenance cost? It is hard to do, first of all, the friction is mutual, that is to say, in the clastic oil also have aluminum, steel magnet to adsorption and only steel scrap, aluminum scrap in natural still exists in the oil. Second, adsorption and can't completely prevent debris to participate in the flow of oil, so the magnet adsorption role of metal debris in the oil of minimal. Afraid of clastic engine damage? Factory ready since now you understand why the magnets can't effective adsorption of metal chips in the engine, let's drive to the wear problem, car designers is how to solve. It is because the oil in use process, can produce metal powder, carbide, oil condensation and so on a series of impurities affect the engine operation, so just can have the appearance of the oil filter. Machine filter can prevent these impurities into the engine by oil filter lectured system, prevent the metal debris scrape. Machine function is inherently contains the filtration, if you also add a magnet, gild the lily. Article data from the network, Ricky xiaofu finishing editing card by magnet factory, see more magnets related dynamic: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news/。
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