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The introduction of adhesive ndfeb magnets

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Adhesive ndfeb magnet products introduction: made by powder metallurgy method. Chemical composition: Nd2Fe14B high remanence, high coercive force, high magnetic energy product, high performance/cost ratio. Corrosion resistance of the surface coating or plating is low. Easy processing of all sizes and minimum specifications, widely used in various fields. Adhesive NdFeB magnets are made by NdFeB magnetic powder to join adhesives. Japan has succeeded in developing this material since 1988, its development is quite sound production has increased exponentially, it as a kind of high performance permanent magnet material, conform to the contemporary electronic product period short, small, light, thin direction development trend. Application of the production and application of adhesive ndfeb magnet development later, application, dosage is small, it is mainly used for office automation equipment, electric machinery, audio-visual equipment, instruments and meters, small motors and mechanical measurement, in mobile phones, CD - 罗、DVD - ROM drive motor, drive spindle motor HDD, other micro dc motors and automation instruments and meters in areas such as widely used. Sticky in recent years our country ndfeb magnets used for: computer (62%), electronics (7%), office automation equipment (8%), cars (7%), equipment accounted for 7%, other 9%. Compared with sintered ndfeb magnets, it can be a forming, no secondary processing, can make all kinds of complicated shape magnet, this also cannot be compared to the sintered ndfeb magnet, the application of it can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the motor.
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