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The interpretation of the power source and application range of the magnet for ''

by:Newland     2020-05-01
The ancient greeks and Chinese first found in nature have a kind of natural stone, magnetic, commonly known as 'a strong magnet. In ancient China to use stone iron absorption produced SiNa, compass, the phenomenon is one of China's four great inventions 'compass'. In ancient China, the compass first applied to etiquette, sacrifice, military and divination to see feng shui to determine position. You see, the light in the ancient times the magnet can be used in so many aspects. Modern this powerful magnet and what can we do about it? The range than ancient: nuclear magnetic resonance, electron industry, petroleum industry, ordinary pencil case, bag lock, electrical equipment and so on. Strong magnet has a variety of grades, high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature, not afraid, not afraid of rust, various aspects are trustworthy. Dongguan since its establishment, we have a good quality, affordable price and comfortable service. Our magnet awarded the ISO9001 international quality system certification, environmental certification, welcome customers to come to consult.
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