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The installation of the electric motor magnets off methods skills _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Magnetic steel off the installation method of electric motor skills summarized many netizens about electric motor magnets off a series of problems brought by disturb, the magnet manufacturer xiaofu compiled about motor magnets fall off some of the problems and installation techniques, hope to help you! Falls off a net friend asked, magnetic steel, rotation, installed electric found again slowly and over current light normally on what's going on? This may be when you're installing magnet steel magnet polarity opposite to cause, it is possible that the motor water rust, rust are very easy to be magnetized, become a magnet, the motor magnetic steel rust not clean, can cause mutual interference between the poles, the lines of magnetic force chaos, cause no force. After cleaning better! Motor magnets off what kind of glue? Motor magnets off with JL - 6236 structural adhesive. JL - 6236 structural adhesive for bonding rigid materials, such as stick ferrite on the electroplating metal parts of the motor or the speaker components, also suitable for magnetic steel adhesive bonding of metal and glass, motor, gem adhesive bonding, glass, metal and docking, small car mirror adhesive bonding, mobile phone accessories, etc. With promoter JL - 7649 the effect is much better. High strength multipurpose adhesive, can provide the strength of the epoxy resin and instantaneous adhesive curing speed. Good solvent resistance. Suitable for quick fixed occasions, it is recommended to use detergent with anaerobic adhesive promoter ( JL - 7649). To ensure the product clean and better reliability. JL - 6236 metal structural adhesive properties and USES: 1. Characteristics of JL - 6236 structural adhesive which is a multi-purpose high strength adhesive, a kind of can provide the strength of the epoxy resin and instantaneous adhesive curing speed of structural adhesive. Good solvent resistance. Curing within a few minutes. Suitable conditions for quick fixed. 2. JL - 6326 glue main purpose is to cement ferrite requirements quickly fixed the electroplating metal parts of the motor, the speaker parts and jewelry, JL - 6326 structural adhesive rapid solidification, rigid material is used for bonding, such as stick ferrite on the electroplating metal parts of the motor or the speaker components, also suitable for bonding of metal and glass, with promoter JL - 7649. Typical applications: glass and metal, stainless steel bonding between. All motor magnets off pack N pole and S pole first? Don't need to find the location of the first piece of magnet steel, actually also does not have the first piece. Order it doesn't matter, will be subject to convenient installation, as long as the guarantee of adjacent two pieces of the opposite polarity. Also have a net friend added: brush motor has magnetic steel and carbon brush the relative position of the two have strict requirements, magnetic steel interval between each other should be uniform. Otherwise it will affect the efficiency of the motor and commutation spark. Usually the first piece of magnet steel center line and two carbon brush center should overlap. As for is N and S should be no problem. Most found that reverse the motor after it is ok to swap the inlets. Within the outer magnetic rotor magnet steel N, S pole is alternant distribution, and they each slice is arc, don't tell anyway, just tell direction, according to the original do mark, paste leveled consistent with other magnets, not highlight or dislocation, in order to make sure the air gap of the motor and mechanical dimensions are not affected. Why magnetic steel will fall off? Why? What are those? 1, overheating. 2, process stability. 3, viscose, maybe glue quality problems. 4, Mosaic is not strong. Articles about motor magnets off the installation method of collection techniques by ndfeb magnet manufacturers share, the company's main all kinds of radial multipole rotor, motor magnetic tile machine, injection molding magnetic, special-shaped neodymium magnets, etc.
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