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The influence of magnet for smart phones have how old? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
The influence of magnet for smart phones have how old? No matter how smart phone development, once they are close to the magnet, people will start to worry about the screen is distorted, store important files are erased, seems to be the magnet into the mobile phone killer, the fact is it true? We it is necessary to analyze the magnet may be the effects on the cell phone, eliminate the fear of the unknown. Magnets have influence on smartphone which parts? The screen & ndash; — In the past days, mobile phones and cereal box size, personal computer monitors backend as big as ford Escort, these behemoths are very susceptible to magnetic disturbance. In cathode ray tube screen placed near a magnet will produce a series of psychedelic colors. This is because the CRT display by firing a beam focusing good electron beam to produce light, electron beam deflection by magnetic field to generate the image. Therefore, an external magnetic field will interfere with the magnetic field need to create images in the first place. However, modern intelligent mobile phone use LCD screen does not generally affected by the magnet. Data storage & ndash; — The iPhone and other modern smartphone memory chip is a & other; Flash memory & throughout; Drive, can't use the magnet clearance, because the chip has no magnetic components. Digital compass & ndash; — The digital compass in the smart phones like the iPhone as a magnetic compass, its accuracy as the traditional compass, will be affected by the strong external magnetic field. Location-based services & ndash; — Your smart phones with built-in GPS system to determine your location. Due to use GPS satellite signal rather than magnetic force, so it is not susceptible to magnetic disturbance. Magnetometer & ndash; — Smartphones magnetometer can let your device to detect the intensity of the magnetic field and direction. It is compatible with digital compass, but also is used by many other applications available. This little device may be particularly affected by the strong magnetic field. The speaker & ndash; — Smart phones, as well as a speaker and other speakers on magnet is needed to work, will therefore not be affected by the external magnetic field. So, in short, unless your smart phone long time exposure to a real magnet, otherwise you may damage the cell phone is only digital compass. So, in the daily use, your phone may come into contact with the magnets, magnet box, such as stents, wallet or handbag on the magnets, these will not have any problem. In general, the magnet is not a digital device killer, even can make audio, smart phones and other equipment has more features, therefore, we don't need to fear on it. However, the Internet has spread news about young children swallowed magnets, magnets attract each other can cause intestinal wall pierced, the situation needed an operation as soon as possible, remove the magnet.
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